October 11, 2015

By Gary Miller

Fast Fitness

Jumping Jacks

The basic jumping jack is a good cardio and strength training exercise.

Side Jumps

Stand with feet together. Jump to the right several feet, keeping knees bent and landing in a squat position. Jump back to the left and continue jumping from side to side. Use a small object to jump over if you like (book, pillow etc..).

Mountain Climbers

Start on your hands and knees and get into in a sprinter’s start position. Keep your hands on the ground and push off with your feet so you alternate foot placement (run in place) as long as you can. Be sure to keep your back straight, not arched.

Wall Squat-Thrusts

Lean into a wall with your hands and keep your feet shoulder-width apart several feet from the wall. Slowly lift one knee up toward your chest and back and then the other leg. As you improve your fitness, increase your leg lift speed and move your weight onto the ball of the rear foot.

Backward Stride

Stand with feet together. Stride backward with one leg, while raising the arms to shoulder level. Lower the arms to your side and repeat with the other leg. Pick up the pace for more cardio.

Jump Lunges

Start in the lunge position – one foot forward and one foot back. Bend your knees and then jump up high and switch leg positions. Use explosive, but controlled movements.

Walking Lunge

Start at one end of the room and take a long stride forward with the right leg. Bend down so the forward knee is directly over the toes and at a 90-degree angle. ​Rise up and repeat with the other leg across the room.

Shadow Boxing

Assume the position and go for a little shadow boxing. It’s really a pretty decent way to get your cardio and strength work all at once. Focus on controlled movements (not flailing punches), stay light on the balls of your feet and keep your knees bent. Practice jabs and upper cuts and all your moves. Hold a couple bottles of water for more resistance.


Soar high.